Longitude vs. Latitude of Ethical Decisions and MERID General Meeting!

April 8th, 2017. General Meeting occurred between morning and afternoon session.

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Workshops in Maine

Reframing Retreat January 18-20


March: Webinar Event (TBA)


Deafhood Allies (for hearing people) Thursday 5p-10p

Deafhood (Deaf Only) Friday 9a-4p



Workshops Outside of Maine

Check the following links:


http://www.signs-of-development.org/ CEUS AT HOME

http://www.ohsoez.com/interpreters.htm ESPECIALLY FOR INTERPRETERS

http://www.aslnetwork.com/ ASL INTERPRETER NETWORK

http://www.cmpatsea.com/ CEUS AT SEA (Cruise)

http://asl-interpreting.wikispaces.com/Professional+Development PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT LINKS

http://love2asl.com/ LINKS GALORE

http://www.interpnet.com/ NATIONAL ASSOC FOR INTERPS

http://www.gallaudet.edu/GIS/Interpreter_Professional_Development.html WORKSHOPS AT GALLY

http://www.ncsc.org/education-and-careers/state-interpreter-certification/interpreter-events-workshops.aspx COURT INTERPRETER WORKSHOP (SPOKEN LANGUAGE)

Online Workshops

The ASL Radio Show – The ASL Radio show has been a huge HIT with the ASL community and the support has been overwhelming from ASL students and Interpreters using the audio podcast and ASL videos as practice for both receptive and expressive skills. We have interviewed people like Sean Berdy, Shoshannah Stern, and Russell Harvard; we have had topics including RID, Deaf-Hearing Relationships, and raising codas. Now we will start offering CEUS for selected shows, every third Weds, presented as hour long workshops. Listen to the live show, and then go to  www.CEUsOnTheGO.com and register for the post test. Easy as that. If you miss the show you can listen to the podcast at a later date. For CDIs we also have the ASL version uploaded for viewing the next day. The first CEU ASL Radio show will be “What Interpreters should know about the ADA” – Nov 15, 8pm est . December will be “Islam” and January will “Processing”. Join us for CEUs!  http://ASLradio.KeithWann.com

For more workshop information visit the RID website.