A. Board Operations
B. Membership
C. General and Regional Meetings
D. Standing Committees
E. Requests for Special Meetings
F. Financial Administration
G. Scholarships
H. Betsy Reifman Leadership Award
I. Silver Lining Fund
J. Chapter Publications
K.  Library
L.  Amending Polices and Procedures


GOAL: The goal of this policy, procedure and guideline manual is a compilation of the organizational features of this association, which will be the benefit to all in membership.

MANAGEMENT: The management of this manual will be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors before the Fall Membership Meeting.

AMENDMENT PROCESS: Amendments to this manual may be submitted by any member at any time.


POLICY: A guideline describing the practices of the association leadership, members and standing committees.

PROCEDURE: A step by step account of directions to be followed in accordance with policies.

TEMPLATES: A form to be used in accordance with polices and procedures.



1.    Board Member Professional Development Allowance:
All Board members shall be given an allowance of $100 each year they are in office to be used for professional development. This allowance will be used toward the registration fee at Maine RID sponsored workshops where Maine RID is receiving registration money.

2.     Maine RID Representation at National RID Conferences:
When the Board President is unable to attend the National Conference, a delegate will be selected as replacement.

3.     Reimbursement for Board Member Attendance at National Conference:
The President or President’s designee will be reimbursed for 50% of registration and lodging, not to exceed 50% of the preceding 12 months’ net income of the organization. In the event that there are no lodging expenses, allocation will be made up to 50% of the GSA per diem meals expense for that city.

4.     Board Members Interpreting Maine RID Functions:
In order to avoid a real or perceived conflict of interest, board members may not interpret for Maine RID hosted workshops, unless all other interpreter resources have been exhausted. When a board member interprets at a Maine RID function, that member will be given a rebate voucher equal to the current fair market value of interpreting services rendered. The voucher can be redeemed after successfully completing any profitable Maine RID hosted workshop (where the profit exceeds the value of the voucher.) Maine RID will mail them a rebate check payable to the amount of the voucher.

5.     Board Meetings:
a. Agendas – Board meeting agendas will be developed by the Board President with input from all Board members.

Procedure: Agendas will be distributed to all in attendance at said meeting. Meeting agendas will use the Board Meeting template.

b. Minutes – Minutes from all Board meetings will be taken and edited by the Secretary and given to the President or Vice President for review.

Procedure: Minutes of meetings will be submitted two weeks after the completion of the meeting to allow for Board member review. Board Members have 30 days to make amendments. The (amended) minutes will be posted to the yahoo group and the website.


1. Membership Directories:
Members will receive a list of all current Maine RID members.

2. Coordination of Membership:
A person other than the Board Secretary will handle all aspects of membership.

3. Membership Year:
Membership dues will be payable on June 1 of each year.

4. Early Renewal of Membership:
Members who renew early will receive a 10% discount on the cost of membership.

5. Geographical Boundaries of Northern and Southern Regions:
The line from Farmington through Waterville to Rockland and anything north of that will be called the Northern Region; from Augusta south will be considered the Southern Region.  



1. Communication Policy:
The Maine RID is an organization whose membership is comprised of hearing and Deaf/deaf individuals. As such, we maintain a respect for both our languages, English and American Sign Language (ASL). We recognize the need, when gathered to pursue the goals of the organization, to communicate freely with each other. It is our strong belief that this can be done most effectively in ASL. Therefore, all business meetings at which Deaf/deaf officers or members are present will be conducted in ASL. In order to preserve a standard of accessibility, general meetings will be interpreted, when such a request is made in advance.

2. Meeting Agendas:
General meeting agendas will be developed by the Board President with input from all Board members.

Procedure: Agendas will be distributed to all members present. Meeting agendas shall use the template.

3. Meeting Minutes:
Minutes from previous membership meetings will be posted in advance of general meetings.

Procedure: Minutes will be posted on the web site 30 days in advance of upcoming meetings. Membership meeting minutes shall use the template .

4. Minutes Editing:
Minutes from all membership meetings be will be taken and edited by the Secretary and given to the Vice President or President for review.

5. Meeting Reports:
Reports by the Treasurer and any Standing Committee present may be made at each membership meeting. Any Standing Committee wishing to report information to the membership may post to the web site prior to the meeting.

Procedure: A copy the Treasury Report will be submitted in writing to the Secretary for its inclusion in the minutes. The Treasury Report shall use the template .

6. Motions:
Any new motion which would amend the By laws must be submitted to the Board in writing. (See By laws for additional information on procedure.)

Procedure: Motions for new business shall use the template.

7. Interpreters Wishing to Participate in Business Meeting:
Interpreters who are working during a general meeting but want to participate during a specific discussion will be relieved by a volunteer for the duration of the discussion. That volunteer will receive a $25 certificate toward a future Maine RID event.

8. Regional Meetings:
Each region will host a face-to-face meeting.



1. Standing Committee Officer Structure:
Each Standing Committee will have a designated Chairperson(s), to be determined by the Board.

2. Standing Committee Meetings:
Maine RID shall allow Standing Committee to meet at the discretion of the Committee Chairperson(s).

3. Standing Committee Meeting Agendas:
A written agenda, to be decided by the Committee Chairperson(s) will be distributed to all members present.
Procedure: Meeting agendas shall use the template.

4. Standing Committee Meeting Minutes:
Minutes from previous Standing Committee meetings will be posted to the web site.

5. Standing Committee Reports:
Committee chairs will write reports to the membership via the newsletter at least twice per year, if not every issue.



1. Members may request a meeting with the Board of Directors:

Procedure: Requests for special meetings must be made in writing to the Board President or via email, with subject line “Written Request for Meeting with the Board of Directors,” outlining possible times and locations for said meeting. The Board President will then forward the meeting request to the rest of the Board. The Board will have seven days to respond to the meeting request. The meeting itself will take place no more than 45 days after the initial request for a meeting.



Note: #1 below is taken from a document we already have called ‘Guidelines for Maine RID members, chairpersons, or others who seek reimbursement for expenses.

1.   Budgets for Maine RID Sponsored Activities:
All Maine RID activities and accompanying budgets need to be approved by the board.

Procedure: All expenses in the projected budget should be moderate, reflecting reasonable costs for the required expenditures. Budgets must indicate a realistic projection of a break-even or net revenue position.

Reimbursements are limited to actual expenses incurred and should be within the budget allotted. If an approved event incurs a financial loss, reimbursements will still be made for expenses generated by the event. In the event that an expense greatly exceeds the budget allotment, the Board will review and make a decision. Compensation is not available for services, mileage, fuel expense, or for any other expenses not directly related to the event or not included in the event budget.

All approved expenses should be submitted to the Treasurer with valid receipts within 180 days of the event’s conclusion. Receipts should be turned in with reimbursee’s name and the name of the event. Reimbursements cannot be taken from the event revenue prior to the submission of receipts to the Treasurer. The Treasurer may take up to six weeks to process reimbursements.

2.   Processing of Revenue Checks:
Maine RID accepts checks as payment for membership, workshops, and other Maine RID sponsored events requiring a fee.

Procedure: All revenue checks will be checked for accuracy, correct amount, and signature. Checks are to be made payable to Maine RID.

3.   Processing of Cash:
Maine RID accepts cash as payment for membership, workshops, and other Maine RID-sponsored events requiring a fee.

Procedure: All cash revenue should be counted and verified by at least two people. After the count, a cash receipt must be filled out indicating the total cash to be delivered to the Treasurer. The names of the two people who counted the cash must be on the receipt, as well as the signature of two witnesses. Cash must not be sent by mail. If the cash cannot be delivered to the Treasurer other than by mail, the event organizer may write a personal check in the amount of the cash and retain the cash. The check must then be sent to the Treasurer along with the cash receipt. At no time should cash be taken as reimbursement for expenses, nor may the cash be borrowed for any period of time.

4.   Online Payments::
Policy to be developed

5.   Purchase Orders:
Maine RID cannot accept purchase orders.

6.   Use of Personal Bank Accounts<:
At no time should any revenue from Maine RID activities be deposited into a personal bank account.

7.   Organization Accounts:
The organization’s accounting books will be constructed to show allotments for scholarships, Standing Committees, current balance in standing, and monies distributed and received.

8.   Standing Committee Budgets:
All committees shall submit an annual budget for Board approval. These budgets will be reviewed after six months have lapsed. If deemed necessary after this review, committees shall submit revised budgets. An expenditure not included in the approved budget must be approved by the Board prior to the occurrence of that expenditure.

9.   Standing Committee Deposits:
All Standing Committees submit in writing all requests for money to be deposited and added to their allocation.

Procedure: Committee representatives will collect and tally money earned and make a written request for deposit to the Treasurer, using the template. The Treasurer will deposit money in the Committee’s account in no more than five business days.

10.   Standing Committee Requests for Checks:
All Standing Committees will be responsible for calculating the cost of their functions.

Procedure: A Committee representative will send the calculation of cost along with a written request for a check to the Treasurer, using the template on page 24. The Treasurer will prepare and send a check to the Committee representative.

11.   Standing Committee Requests for Reimbursements:
All Standing Committees requests for reimbursement will be submitted in writing to the Treasurer, using the template. These requests must be accompanied by receipts. The Treasurer will prepare and send a check in no more than five days.



1. Yearly Allotment for General Scholarships:
Maximum award per applicant will be $100 per year. Applicants must be members in good standing of Maine RID for at least one year prior to submitting an application for scholarship. Scholarships are reimbursements, and not paid prior to the training event. Scholarship recipients must be willing to provide a reciprocal benefit to the Maine RID membership.

Procedure: Any activity, sponsored by Maine RID or otherwise, that is in harmony with the goals of Maine RID and that would provide further professional development to RID members may be applied for. This would include, but is not limited to, workshops, classes, conferences, and presentations on topics relating to ASL, Deaf culture/community, and interpreting. Scholarships will not be awarded for any expenses related to certification exams.

Applications for scholarships may be submitted by mail or electronically. The scholarship application form is found on page 25. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the form used to register for the training to be attended as well as a copy of the training description. The application must be received by the Treasurer no less than 30 days before the registration deadline of the training. The Treasurer will verify that the applicant’s membership is in good standing and that the applicant has not received an award in the previous 12 months. The Treasurer will notify the applicant of receipt of the application.

The Treasurer will submit the requests for scholarships to the full Board. The Board will vote to approve or deny the scholarships applications. Preference will be given to applicants who have not received scholarship funds during the prior 12 months. Funds will be paid to the recipient after proof of attendance at the event is submitted and the reciprocal benefit to the membership has been performed.

Scholarship recipients can reciprocate for their award by providing an in-service presentation, writing an article for the Maine RID newsletter, or providing service to the organization.

2.   Scholarships for RID Conference:
An additional $500 will be set aside in the scholarship fund every two years to support members who would like to attend the RID conference.

3.   Legal Fund Stipend:
The annual legal fund stipend, when granted, will be divided into two 6-month periods, with half of the allotted stipend money being available in the first 6-month period and the remainder in the second 6-month period. There will be a maximum award of $250 per applicant per year.


H. Betsy Reifman Leadership Award

Description of Award:

In honor of Betsy Reifman, our beloved colleague, Maine RID has established the Betsy Reifman Leadership Award. This award is presented annually to a Maine RID member who exhibits the qualities that Betsy embodied and that we all admired: leadership within Maine RID, active participation in the interpreting community, dedication to ethical decision-making and supportive of the profession’s growth.

Nomination Process:

1. Nominations will occur throughout the months of February and March. Nominations submitted prior to this date may not be accepted. Nominations submitted after March 31, cannot be accepted.

2. The award criteria will be posted on the website on the Betsy Reifman Leadership page.

3. Nomination information will be posted on the MeRID website home page from January 1 – March 31.

4. Any member in good standing may nominate any Maine RID member.

5. Only one vote per member is allowed.

6. Nominations will be made through email.  A reply email will be sent informing the individual that their nomination has been received. Members who submitted a nomination but do not receive a return email should resubmit their nomination through US postal service.

7. The nomination must include the members name and a blurb describing why this individual should be the award recipient.

8. Board selects the winner from the nominees. If a Board member is nominated, he/she will abstain from the discussion and vote. If a board member nomination does not make it as a finalist, that nominated member may rejoin the discussion and vote.

9. In RARE occasions, should the board decided there are two equally deserving individuals the board may declare both individuals award recipients. Each would receive 50% of the pre-determined gift certificate.

10. The winner will be announced at the spring general meeting. The award recipient’s name will be posted on the Maine RID website. An ongoing list of the recipients will be maintained on the Betsy Reifman Leadership page of the website.


I.   Silver Lining Fund

Established in 2007, the Silver Lining Fund is a way for Maine’s interpreters to give back and support others in our community. Hand-crafted items are offered for sale at the annual Deaf Culture Festival, and the proceeds are used to assist interpreters who are experiencing financial difficulty due to an unforeseen event. Thank you for your contributions, as it allows us to help others in need.


Amount of financial support is based on:


J. Chapter Publications

1. Web Site:
A web site will be maintained for the purposes of disseminating information about conferences and other professional development opportunities, Standing Committee functions, Board functions, and national RID updates.

a. Web Site Content:
Any information posted on the web site must first be submitted via a written or electronic request to the webmaster only by member in good standing.

Procedure: Requests for submissions will be made using the Website Submissions Request Form template and submitted to the webmaster. Photos of individuals must be accompanied by written consent of the persons appearing in the photos. The webmaster follow the stated purposes of the website in accepting or denying submissions. The webmaster will be given up t two weeks to post the submission.

2. Newsletter:
The newsletter shall be used for the passing of information, pictures, conference scheduling, professional development opportunities, Standing Committee functions, Board functions and communication with RID.

a. Newsletter Content:
Each issue will contain the following standard content:
1) a President’s letter2) a financial report by the Treasurer; 3) a report from each Board Member; 4) an update of national activities by the Vice-President; 5) a summary of motions and a welcome to the new members by the Secretary.

b. Submissions to Newsletter:
Any information posted in the newsletter, must first be submitted via written request to the Publications Committee, and only by members in good standing. Photos of individuals must be accompanied by written consent of the individuals appearing in the photos to have their images published in the newsletter.

Procedure: Requests for submissions will be made on the Newsletter Submissions Request Form template found on page 28and will be submitted to the Publications Committee by the editor’s deadline. The Editor will follow the stated purposed of the newsletter in accepting or denying submissions requests. Reprinted articles must be accompanied by permission to reprint and the original source must be referenced.

c. Publication of New Member Names:
Names of new members will be published in the newsletter.

d. Advertising:
All advertising in the newsletter is subject to the editor’s approval. Advertising must be accompanied by copyright permission in writing, if applicable. Maine RID reserves the right to reject advertisements for
any reason at any time. Maine RID is not liable when an advertisement is not accepted or is omitted for any reason. Publication of an advertisement does not constitute endorsement or approval of the content of the advertisement, nor does Maine RID guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in the advertisement. Rates for advertisements: $25 for a full-page ad; $15 for a half-page ad; $10 for a quarter-page ad.


K.   Library

1. Borrowing Privileges:
The use of the library is a membership privilege and can be revoked at any time.


2. Borrowing Period:
The Maine librarian, in consultation with the Board, will determine the loan period for library materials.

3. Borrower Responsibilities:
Borrowers will be responsible for returning materials in good condition.

4. Late Return of Materials:
Fines will be levied for the late return of library materials.

5. Loss, Theft, or Damage of Library Materials:
In the case of loss, theft or damage of library materials, members will have their library rights suspended until they reimburse Maine RID the value of the materials. The Board reserves the right to remove a member’s voting privileges and to disqualify her/him for applying for scholarships until such time as the lost material is replaced or a reimbursement made.


L.   Amending Policies and Procedures

It is the policy of Maine RID that any member in good standing may submit proposals to amend the Policy/Procedure Manual at any time.

Procedure: Member fills out the New Proposal Submission Form found and sends it to the Board for review. The Board brings the amendment to the annual membership meeting for voting and acceptance. A majority vote will allow revised sections to be added to the PPM.